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Creation of the world and evidence of extraterrestrial life
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This photo fossil bacteria was found in a meteorite 
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Conclude that the Bible was living there before the universe in the form we know today. God created the universe, because, even so begins the Bible. God was and is alive, and that proves that life was already, before the universe and the universe was void (nothing) and matter. God scattered matter in the universe, and gave physical laws, chemical universe to form composition, status and material form. In the same way God made the earth, creating a law of attraction as a certain radius of particles, fragmetelor matter, water vapor, the unification of all forms of matter and the force of attraction of matter formed Earth. God created the sun and earth by His physical laws began to spin around the sun by physical force of attraction of matter to justify separating light from darkness (day and night) to be seen on Earth. Atmosphere created God separating the waters of the earth creating the continents and large. And the word of God, created the earth formation in which there is evidence that life came from space. Let's not forget that life came by God himself, what can be said that life was more forward in cosmic space, (the evidence is in the link below) has come alive on earth by God, and to format everything. Today, most researchers yet scientific support Darwinism and other theories of evolution, but who can read "the Bible", finds that in this wonderful book is written human history. In the Bible we find all of mankind's major specialties such as medicine, physics, history, psychology, astronomy, psychiatry, biology, sociology, philosophy, etc.. In the Bible there is written what the world wants to know, where we came from, who we are, and where to go. But people prefer other sources, with a relative truth, and no source of absolute truth.
Here is the link that proves that life existed before to form on Earth.
Link 2: picture and the article below: REALITATEA.NET
"NASA has discovered alien bacteria on a meteorite
A NASA researcher has found an alien life form that could explain how life began on Earth and called on all scientists to try to prove he is wrong.
Dr. Richard Hoover incredible statement, astrobiologists at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, comes after ten years of study of bacteria in meteorites which fell in different places on Earth. The researcher studied the types of meteorites extremely rare in Antarctica, Siberia and Alaska, of which only nine are on Earth. Looking at these meteorites under the microscope, he discovered many fossils of bacteria, some of which are similar to those on Earth, while others are completely ... alien. He suggests that meteors were bodies scattered throughout the universe and that life on Earth would be started from bacteria to the asteroids that hit the Earth at its inception. The researcher has discovered a meteorite-like body in terms of size and structure of giant bacteria Titanospirillum VELOX, a body on Earth.
He says that life is more widespread than thought.
"There are some very strange bacteria and is unlike anything that I found on Earth. I showed them to other experts and they remained astonished," said Richard Hoover.He found a fossil of bacteria that does not contain nitrogen, an element found in all organisms on Earth. "If someone can explain how it is possible to have a biological fossil that does not contain nitrogen, it would be very interesting to hear that. No one could explain," said the researcher.
His study is published in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology. "
(Source: REALITATEA.NET, 06 March 2011) 


 2036, apocalyptic risk ? Danger from the sky, the asteroid Apophis

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Now we present predictions, and at the bottom of scientific explanation.
Nostradamus predicted a huge catastrophe in the Greek Mount Olympus. It is possible that this comet to fall in the Ionian Sea to the shores of Greece, and the asteroid impact, the waves will be so great that will cover the peaks of Mount Olympus. This is a hypothesis, but there is danger from falling directly on pămât, which will make a crater so large that a quatrain reads:
Quatrain 16 / VIII
There lieu que fait Hieron to nef FabriquerAnd grand and sudden deluge Serra etQui on n'aura lieu terres us s'atacquerOlympique L'Onde Montera Fesulan
* Translation
Where had his ship building Hieron makingFlood so great and so sudden pushThat there will be no piece of landMount wave (crest) Olympic Fesulan
Nostradamus is another reference about a possible impact with Earth ...
Century 2 - Quatrain 95
Les lieux peuplés Sontea inhabitables:Pour avoir grand Champs Division:Regnes deliver prudents incapables,Lors Les Grands Freres & dissention dead.
* Translation
Populated places will be uninhabitable:For large fields will partitionServices regions, unable to careWhen big brother neântelegere and death.________Comment: in the Bible, Zechariah, Chapter 14.4, suggests that "the Mount of Olives will crack in two from east to west and will be a very great valley ...." hence Nostradamus refers to dividing the land.
Bible announce a huge fall out in the not too distant future.
(† Bible, Revelation. Chapter 8.10)
10. And the third angel sounded, and the sky fell a great star, burning like a torch, and fell over a third of the rivers and springs of water.11. And the name of the star is called Absinthe. And the third part of water was made as wormwood, and many people died because of the waters, because they had bitter.
The Bible makes reference more clear 2,800 years ago, the prophet Isaiah.
Bible †Isaiah cap.24, 19
19. Earth crush, salt ground to pieces, it shakes the earth.23. Moon will be red and the sun will lose its light, for the Lord of hosts shall reign, and his glory will shine the elders in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
Comment;Earth salt and shred when the moment will probably întâmla asteroid impact, and also due to the volcanic dust will cover the heavens and the earth will be cooling disastrous for those who are left alive after the impact.
*** *** Scientific explanation
After discovery of the asteroid Apophis in 2004, researchers at NASA / JPL, Caltech, and Arecibo Observatory have released the results of radar observations of asteroid Apophis potential threats coming from 99 942, together with a thorough analysis in its path.Asteroid Apophis, the size at least the size of two football stadiums and a weight exceeding 20 million tons, will pass near Earth in 2029 after astronomers calculations. But the trajectory of 2036 is uncertain, and there is a risk of collision with Earth. On impact with the ground will be equivalent to more than 600 atomic bombs, the equivalent of Hiroshima.
(NASA Link):
But Russian researchers believe that the collision with the earth is likely to be April 13, 2036 when the Christian Easter.
(The Christian Science Monitor - Link);



          Angel of the Apocalypse

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A mysterious shadow of the demonstrators appeared among Egyptians in Cairo during protests against President Mubarak. Strange appearance of a rider on a horse phosphorescent green is visible at the end of MSNBC television movie as scatters among demonstrators. This rider may be an apocalypse riders found it in the Bible.

Bible Revelation
Cap 6.8
And I looked and behold a pale horse and his name was "Death" and kept after him hell;
And they were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill with sword and with famine and with death and with the beasts of the earth.

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Will be a second sun in the sky in 2013
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The appearance of the second sun

A previzine of Nostradamus seems to be fulfilled soon. It announced the appearance of Comet ISON, that seems be seen during the day. The appearance of two suns is confirmed by scientists. A star in the constellation Oreon explodes and turns into a supernova shining earth for 7 days, like Nostradamus prediction.

41 Quatrains Century II
The grand 'estoille seem bruslera September jours,
Potiphera Nuee deux soleils apparoir:
Le tout nuit thick mastin Hurler,
Quand changer grand pontiff of terroir.


Star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
Great bulldog will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change the ground (ground).


Predictions & interpretations
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End of the world in 2012 will not be, but rumors of war is, and in texele refer below.Indeed, we enter a new era of astronomical and terrestrial climate will change, social events, humanitarian, financial and social and food crisis. I know that the world is skeptical, but the time for humanity is coming to an end at the end of the millennium. All these are included in future forecasts of the Bible prophecies by prophets and apostles, the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus prophecies and I believe that because I lived a prediction on my own skin, and I confess to you.Since April, 1991, I read a national newspaper that wrote a column that this year will fall Gorbachev. It was a fragment of a quatrain that says: man of the East will be a sign on his head voice repealed, and shall be removed by conspiracy between Leo and Virgo. And wrote and VOX ABROGEE French quatrain, referring to "perestroika, glasnost 'voice that is free. And said that if we cut those two "E" at the bottom, "VOX ABROGEE" read from tail to head and show his name that should fall, and shows Gorby XOV,. Indeed, the night of the two signs, 22-23 August held in Moscow, a putsch (coup) organized by Yeltsin, Gorbachev was while on vacation on the Black Sea resort Sochi.Other shocking predictions of Nostradamus, looks natural disasters, catastrophes, betrayal, murder, high-level of society, and a 25-year war that it maintained the 3rd antichrist. It will take 25 years for humanity in a brutal war against Christian countries where they will be murder, anarchy, lawlessness and famine, because some people will eat tree roots will become cannibals or others. A quatrain says about the end of 25 years of war.*Centenar8 Qvatren77*
"L'antechrist anniehilez trois bien,
Vingt ans et Sang durrera September to guerre,
Les heretiques mortz, captifs, exiles.
Eau Rouge Sang corps gresler Terre humaine. "*Translation*
The third antichrist will be annihilated,
Twenty-five years or bloody war lasts.
Heretics' s dead, captive, exiled.
Human blood reddened water bodies covering the earth.*This quatrain refers to a future not too distant°Prophet Michel Nostradamus (1502-1566), predicted that the war will begin in this period, end of year 2011 and the beginning of the year 2012, and will include all nuclear weapons, chemical and bacteorologice. And let Maya predictions to understand the snake at the bottom, as in December 2012 feathered serpent (snake, as explained in Genesis old devil) will take over power, and it seems that he is the third antichrist._______________________________
Vanga, the Bulgarian clairvoyant blind, died in 1996 at age 84, who predicted before the day of death, and even time, he predicted the twin towers attack against the World Trade Center disaster at Chernobyl, the fall of Soviet Union the death of Princess Diana, Indira Gandhi's victory, and many other predictions.Interestingly clairvoyant Vanga predicted about Obama, U.S. President after his election that will be a major economic crisis. Vanga said "black man will be the last president in American history, and that America will be divided into independent states. 

The 3rd World War.War is expected until 2016 . Concerned is the Middle East, where a high probability we can talk about Syria, where it is prophesied in the Bible that Damascus will be destroyed completely. The great danger is when Jerusalem would be surrounded by an alliance in which Iran belongs , where it seems that it will initiate hostility to Israel , basing his new allies. More countries will be mass weapons in the Mediterranean sea , navy and infantry they will gather all the powers which includes Russia, and other countries in Asia. Alliance East community built by Russia against the West, is taken seriously due to differences in political vision and tendency territorial expansionism . Economic difficulties push the Arab world toward Islamic fundamentalism will take into account an invasion to Europe in the coming years. Muslims attack on Europe , where most Europeans will die of cancer and other illnesses caused by contamination (use weapons of mass destruction ) after a conflict with Russia and its allies Asians (after predictions Wangai ) . 2018 will find Europe with few inhabitants. It seems that after a theory Mayan feathered serpent announcement coming from the pyramid and found them coincide with today , when the Bible we know that antichrist shall receive power from several states along with the dragon ( Chinese dragon symbol , and embodiment of " Satan " ) will give you the power beast ( Bible - Revelation cap13 , v1, 2,3,4 . ) 

China in 2018 will become a world power. In 2023, it will tilt the earth's orbit, which will be climate change, and in 2034, Muslims will dominate Europe, and there will be an economic recovery. In 2076, will be reborn
communism._________There was more, but you come up with other stories. If I slipped mistakes, apologize, because I re-read article for correction.